CGW Associates
Our team

Charlie O’Connor

Charlie has over 30 years of experience as a manufacturers’ representative servicing and selling dealers/boatyards, electronic dealers, distributors, boat builders and retail accounts in New England.  His territory now consists of Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Upstate New York.

Wayne Oliviera

Wayne travels Rhode Island, Long Island, New Jersey and southeastern Massachusetts calling on mass merchants, distributors, dealers/boatyards, electronic dealers and boat builders.  He has been servicing and selling accounts in this territory since 1982.  Wayne has received special recognition from major customers such as Silverton Marine and Viking Yacht Co. for his hard work and professional representation of our manufacturers.

Kevin Williams

Kevin’s marine industry experience includes three years selling to dealers/boatyards in the northeast and 20 years calling on the mass merchants, distributors, boat builders, dealers/boatyards and electronic dealers from Virginia through New Jersey.  Kevin is the first marine representative to hold product seminars for the mass merchants starting with E & B Marine in 1980.

Dave Alford

Dave has many years experience selling to dealers, distributors and boat builders in the Canadian marine market.  His background consists of 20 years of sales and management of marine distribution with Yachter’s Choice and OMC Canada.  Dave was also general manager of MDI (Seattle) and V.P. of Attwood Corp.  Dave is responsible for all accounts in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and the Atlantic Provinces. 

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